Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Lock him up.

If anybody has ever read old Corby's blog, they will notice how incredibly defensive he is of the pro-EU position. More recently though, as the pro-EU camp has realised the desolate state it is in following the Irish no vote, Corbett has gone into overdrive with all common sense and logic brushed aside.

As far as Corbett seems to be concearned, it's fine for British teenagers to get sent to foreign countries like Greece where they can be held for 18 months without trial and he even goes as far as to criticise UKIP who vehemetly oppose the European Arrest Warrent.

Well, we know one bloke we'd all like to see locked up in a foreign country, but it isn't Andrew Symeou..

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Charles Watson said...

It is terrible how an mp can have such strong views and comment on a case which he has not looked into. He even mentioned false statements about most of the witnesses being in Greece. This just shows how much he knows about the case. This is an outrage.