Monday, 16 June 2008

Spoke too soon.

Prior to the 2004's European Elections, Richard Corbett wrote:

"You've got to feel sorry for the constituents who thought they might actually be getting representatives when they voted for UKIP in 1999!"

In the same month that Mr. Corbett expressed his sympathy for UKIP's voters and constituents, over two and a half million people voted for the Party. UKIP's constituents and voters were obviously more content than Corbett wanted to let on, it would seem!

Yes, you did lose.

Despite over 53% of the Irish people voting NO on the so-called Lisbon Treaty, Mr. Corbett commented that:

"It is inconceivable that all of the others will simply say 'too bad -- one country has said "No" to the package as it stands, so let's forget reform and stick with the current system for evermore."

We agree. It is inconceivable that the EU and her advocates, led by Corbett, were ever going to play by the rules on this one. Of COURSE it would be stupid to listen to the people and actually act in their interests, as their elected representatives.

Once again, Mr. Corbett's agenda comes before any semblance of democratic legitimacy.

Strange little man

Heard of the EU's top secret MEP expenses file that is under lock and key in Brussels? Apparently Mr. Corbett's expenses declaration includes the line: 'related to me by marriage' when talking about how he employs his wife. Said like a true Labour politician.

Does this guy do straight dealing when it comes to anything? Is he auditioning for Alistair Campbell's empty spinmaster post? Does he genuinely talk like this? When you consider Mr. Corbett's warped political views, anything is possible.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Oh dear...

To get the ball rolling...

Printed in the Independent - 17 June 2004

Sir: Remember the hysterical warnings from the anti-Europeans and tabloids about Britain being flooded by immigrants from eastern Europe on 1 May? Well, it's now been six weeks since we welcomed 10 new countries into the European Union, and the floods of immigrants have spectacularly failed to arrive - just as they did in 1981, 1986 and 1995. Yet another Eurosceptic scare story has been discredited.
RICHARD CORBETT MEP (Lab, Yorkshire and the Humber) Leeds

As they say....DOH!

I think that's 1-0 UKIP.


Welcome to the blog. I'll be working hard to ensure that you, the general public, are all fully aware of just what a silly little man Richard Corbett MEP is.

For those that don't know, Corbett is a Member of the European Parliament for the Labour Party and is Deputy Leader of Labour's European Parliamentary group.

He has dedicated much of his life to promoting the European Union and Britain's relationship with it. This has seen him help draft parts of the Maastricht Treaty as well as being heavily involved in the European Constitution and the 'Lisbon Treaty'. He was a heavily advocate of all three, unsurprisingly.

First, there was Richard Corbett: the blog. Then, there was UKIP Watch. And now, for people who live in the real world and aren't paid employees of the Labour Party, there's Corbett Watch.

Enjoy. ;)