Monday, 22 December 2008


As the European Elections approach next year, Richard Corbett is getting increasingly desperate in his targetting of UKIP. It would appear that despite his continual playing down of UKIP's chances of success in 2009, he is infact aware of the very real prospect that as Labour No. 2 on the Yorkshire and Humber list, his seat is very much there for the taking.

Corbett's latest anally retentive rant dallies around a recent vote in the European Clown 'Parliament', in which Corbett slithers around with his colleagues Coco and Krusty. Corbett implies that the UK Independence Party's MEPs still include the trio of scumbags Robert Kilroy-Silk, Ashley Mote and Tom Wise, when in reality they were all kicked to the curb by UKIP some time ago. Either this is a man who has lost a grip on reality altogether, or who is so used to championing EU nationalism that he now views the concept of deceit as a political weapon.

Though Corbett likes to take the morale high ground, Corbett Watch contacted UKIP Member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire & Humber, Godfrey Bloom, and asked him about the vote on directory scams. Mr. Bloom had this to say: "this is typical of Richard Corbett who has all the political eptitude of a 3 year old. Last week I wrote to my fellow Yorkshire and Lincolnshire MEPs to see if we could join forces in some way to prevent our constitents being swindled. No reply from him just political posturing, and surprise, surprise he was wrong again".

Corbett loves to try and twist reality to fit his own means and purposes. However, the reality is much different. While UKIP's MEPs continue to battle in favour of their constituents and Britain's democracy, Corbett spends his time pointing fingers and misleading people.

People of Yorkshire and Humber, use your vote next year to get this bad joke to the curb.

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